Boavista Capital Management


Founded in 2014 and absolutely independent from third parties, Boavista Capital Management LLC provides quantitatively managed portfolios for institutions and individuals. The firm is a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC and operates from New Westminster, British Columbia.

Boavista's German born founder and CEO Maik Schwaebe, has been navigating the financial markets for almost 20 years. Throughout this period he experienced a wide range of market conditions, from being invested in internet stocks in the late 90's to being on the desk during the May 2010 “flash crash”.
After the bust of the dot-com bubble in the early 2000's, Maik realized how important risk management and the avoidance of large draw downs for long term success were and focused his efforts on developing robust rule-based investment models.

One decade and another market cycle later, these models had endured rigorous back- and live testing. With the rising acceptance of alternative, technology supported wealth management solutions and a growing segment of more nimble, independent investment advisers, Maik decided to offer his services professionally.
After relocating from Europe to North America and earning his Series 65 license, Boavista Capital Management was born.

Two of Maik's strategies have been turned into Germany listed ETP's (exchange traded products) and he occasionally writes for “Seeking Alpha” and “Traders Magazine”.

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