Boavista Capital Management

Balanced Model

Our standard solution for clients who are looking for a way to participate in the stock market with the added protection of moving into other asset classes whenever the environment is unfavorable for equities.
This model rotates between ETF's representing various different assets like US- and international stocks, select equity sectors, bonds, gold and real estate.

With this wide range of assets or “tools” on hand, it is easier to hide out in uncorrelated parts of the marketplace and therefor achieve a more conservative and consistent risk/return profile compared to pure stock market investments.
Unlike our other Models, the Balanced strategy fulfills a bit of all three major investing objectives: it obviously aims to generate capital gains, but also serves the capital preservation purpose while producing income as many of the vehicles used pay regular distributions or dividends.

Trading activity is relatively slow and only a standard cash account and a minimum investment of $10.000 US is required. Annual Management fees are 1.5% (1.2% on assets over $ 100.000 US)

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