• What qualifies Boavista to manage my funds?
    Boavista Capital Management is an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC and therefor allowed to provide investment advice for compensation.
  • Where can I find additional information about Boavista?

    You can review our registration with the SEC on its website; CRD# 170397.

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  • What are my total costs?

    ​Boavista charges a simple management fee only, ranging from 1.2 to 2 % annually, depending on your particular allocation.
    Additional costs for custodial and brokerage services apply and can be reviewed on Interactive Brokers' website.
  • Are there any lock-up periods?

    No, you can terminate your agreement with Boavista anytime.
  • Where are my funds held?

    Custody of your funds remains with non-affiliated third parties. Boavista Capital Management, LLC currently recommends Interactive Brokers for custodial and brokerage services, due to it's competitive pricing and advanced platform.
    Boavista does not receive any compensation or "soft dollars" from Interactive Brokers.
  • What services does Boavista offer?

    ​​​Boavista currently offers investment advice and portfolio management services, but no estate or tax planning services.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can invest with Boavista?

    We welcome individual and institutional investors from inside and outside the US; the availability of our services however depends on state and local registration requirements.
    ​Boavista will not add new accounts until local registration requirements are satisfied, and we ask you to always include your country and state of legal residence in initial inquiries.

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