Boavista Capital Management

Growth Model

Our growth model is a fairly aggressive strategy with the only objective of producing above average capital gains.

Its investment universe includes some of the fastest growing companies in North America which then are reviewed applying technical criteria.
While the exposure to equities will slowly decrease throughout unsettled market conditions, this strategy also tries to capitalize on short term weaknesses in the broader market to hedge some of our exposure.

Due to its components speculative nature, this portfolio tends to move more volatile than some of the common equity indices on a day-to-day basis; nevertheless, this strategy seeks to keep long term drawdowns (peak to valley decreases) at a moderate level.

The turnover or activity in this model portfolio is quite high but transaction costs only have a very muted effect due to the use of cost effective brokers.
This approach requires a margin account which puts the minimum investment at $25.000 US and a management fee of 2% annually, applies.

Opportunistic investors who seek to allocate some of their capital in high growth stocks and are not afraid of stock market volatility should be well served with this strategy that combines exciting companies with the strict risk management of a systematic approach.

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