Boavista Capital Management

Income Model

This Model utilizes a broad spectrum of macro-economical, fundamental and technical research to make investment decisions.

The first and most important objective of this strategy is to build a stable and growing income stream from a wide range of instruments like open- and closed end funds, ETF's and ETN's, common and preferred stocks and bonds.

Just like our other models, this strategy too decreases its equity exposure in unfavorable market conditions and allocations can be moved into vehicles that represent different asset classes like gold or bonds.

Turnover in this portfolio is low to moderate and a regular cash account is sufficient to apply this strategy.
The minimum investment is a low $10.000 US and a 1.5% annual management fee (1.2% on assets over $100.000 US) is charged.

Clients have the choice to either let dividends and distributions be reinvested, using the compounding effect to grow the income stream faster or to let all income be paid out to support their lifestyle.

This strategy is our answer for investors looking to generate and build current and future income.

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