Boavista Capital Management

Philosophy & Ethics

  • ​We do believe that independent advisers can provide a more personalized service with a​ fairer fee structure than larger institutions.

  • We also believe that active management is superior to passive investment styles. The conservation of capital in unfavorable market conditions is key to the long term creation of wealth, so it should always be an option to be less or not at all invested.

  • Focusing on what we are best in. We don't try to be a one stop shop for everything around finance. Our expertise lies in portfolio management services and that is what we do.

  • One step at a time. First we analyze your personal financial situation, goals and risk tolerance and then we decide if and how we can help you reach those goals.

These fundamental standards are backed up with a range of provisions to ensure that our own and our clients interests are always aligned.

  • Boavista is absolutely independent and does not receive any third party compensation.

  • A simple management fee schedule with no hidden costs.

  • No lock up periods, you can discontinue your business with Boavista any time.

  • We don't share any of your data with non-affiliated third parties.

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