Investment Approach

Our approach is based on a few fundamental assumptions that represent the cornerstones of our investment strategies.

First and foremost, we are convinced that active management can easily outperform passive indexing in the long term. Investors should not be stuck with average market returns because their advisers are too scared to under-perform the market or their institution won't recommend anything else than their in-house mutual funds.

Second, respect the technicals. Price action can be a good indication of things to come and often flashes warning signals long before any fundamental data worsens. Therefor, we at Boavista always take the technical picture into consideration when making our investment decisions.

And most of all do we believe that every investor should have a disciplined routine on how to handle unfavorable conditions. Avoiding deep losses throughout extended corrections and bear markets by switching asset classes or directly hedging a portfolio can make a huge difference on long term returns and volatility.

This is a key factor when navigating markets that regularly destroy years of good performance in a few bad months; which is why at Boavista every single strategy has a mechanism to protect performance when the markets take a turn for the worse.

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